Transforming homes to modern insulation standards

Snug & Sound has been developed by Knauf Insulation, one of the world’s leading insulation manufacturer’s, to provide New Zealand households access to innovative engineered blow-in insulation solutions.
Blow-in insulation has extensive history of use in North America and Europe, where it has been used to provide high performing thermal and sound absorbing solutions for millions of homes. The engineered blow-in insulation solutions that are available in New Zealand have been designed to make homes more comfortable, peaceful and energy efficient.
To find out more about how our Approved Installers can make your home Snug and Sound you can contact us here.

Make your home comfortable –
cool in summer and warm in winter

Create a peaceful home –
reduce internal noise transfer between
rooms and external noise

Visit the resources page to download
literature and watch our installation
videos for Jet Stream® MAX
and Supafil® Frame.

Quick, clean installation
by Approved Installers