We want the installation experience of your new blow-in glasswool insulation to be as rewarding as the benefits of the products themselves provide to you and your home. All our engineered blow-in systems are quick, and clean to install and are only installed by Approved Installers. The Approved Installer will complete a full assessment of your property and discuss all the options and outcomes with you before carrying out any work.

By choosing to have your home insulated by an Approved Installer you can rest assured of the following:

  • •  Insulation is installed to the highest standard
  • •  Quality workmanship
  • •  Minimal disruption
  • •  Respect for your property – we leave the site clean

The process for installing blow-in insulation into your home is non-intrusive, quick, clean and above all a very smart choice in the direction to making your home energy-efficient and Snug & Sound.

Upon completion of the installation, the final densities and R-Values of the cavities and/or areas are measured and signed off. Your home is then returned to its preceding state. Customers must understand however, although every effort is made to match the existing finish (particularly to painted areas), it may be difficult due to weathering etc, however the Approved Installers will discuss all options and outcomes with you before doing any work.

For further details on the process of each application, whether that is for a new or existing home, click on the relevant image below: