Are you looking to have a more peaceful nights sleep when the heavens open up and storms keep you awake at night?
Do you you want to lessen the impact of those pesky possums on your roof?
The solutions to these common problems are now within reach.

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Have you ever been trying to read a good book but just can’t find any peace and quiet because it feels like there’s a herd of elephants running in the room above? Now everyone in the home can enjoy their own privacy thanks to our superior mid-floor insulation.

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How many times have you had a sleepless night because the household ‘snorer’ happens to be sleeping in the room next door?

Or unwanted conversations and TV programmes filter into your own privacy. Now, everyone in the house can enjoy their own personal space with the benefits of well insulated walls.

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Don’t let the opportunity fly over your head to make your home peacefully sound.

Did you know that if you insulate your ceiling, it will absorb unwanted outside noises?

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