To help Kiwi’s upgrade the thermal performance of their homes, Snug & Sound has launched Supafil® Frame - a new high quality blow-in glasswool system with high thermal performance for existing walls.

The engineered system is designed for New Zealand homes and is backed by the highest level of certification in New Zealand, BRANZ CodeMark:


The external wall insulation system has been developed by Eco Insulation Systems Limited, a longstanding Kiwi business with over 20 years’ experience in the insulation industry. Eco Insulation maintains the highest standards for workmanship and only uses Supafil® Frame to upgrade the thermal performance in old Kiwi homes, which is made by one of the world’s leading, global insulation manufacturer’s Knauf Insulation; giving you peace of mind of the performance and quality.

Supafil® Frame offers an unrivalled combination of advanced thermal performance and on-site practicality – backed up by a rigorous testing process that ensures complete customer confidence. Not only does Supafil® Frame have the highest standard of accreditation, BRANZ CodeMark, for blow-in glasswool in New Zealand, it is also the only blow-in glasswool insulation product to be included in the Declare Red List, which provides homeowners with greater confidence of the quality and safety of the system.

With full certification, homeowners can be confident that Supafil® Frame can be used in existing walls that are constructed using weatherboard or bricks, as meticulous testing has shown that the silicone treated glasswool does not absorb water or allow water cross to the inner wall. Supafil® Frame is installed by Approved Installers, all of whom have undertaken rigorous testing to ensure the system is correctly installed, and performs effectively for the life of the building.

Furthermore, by installing Supafil® Frame homeowners will enjoy a more comfortable home that is warm in winter and cool in summer and is more efficient to run thanks to lower energy bills.

“The Supafil® Frame solution is perfect for homeowners who are seeking to upgrade the thermal performance of their home. The installation method provides minimal disruption for the homeowner as it’s fuss free and no mess. Simply by drilling small holes in the wall the insulation can be blown in to the wall cavity; the holes are then patched and finished with a colour that matches the existing wall colour. Homeowners can then rest assured they have chosen a high quality solution thanks to our 15 year guarantee.”

Guy Manthel, Knauf Insulation Product Manager

Installation Process

All Supafil® Frame installers adhere to our Quality Plan. The Quality Plan ensures ‘best practice’ installation methods are followed for every home we insulate.

The Quality Plan cover the following 6 steps:

  1. 1. Thorough assessment of your home – allow 1.5 hours
  2. 2. Complete a detailed record of your home and discuss the installation process with you
  3. 3. Quote – includes a breakdown of all costs
  4. 4. Installation – our Approved Installers will efficiently insulate your walls as per the previously discussed process
  5. 5. Post installation – our auditor will assess the installation and ensure it is completed to your satisfaction
  6. 6. Warranty – all work is backed by our 15 year guarantee


Certification Process

The Supafil® Frame system has undergone rigorous testing to achieve BRANZ CodeMark. As the highest testing standard to obtain in New Zealand, the testing method for Supafil® Frame encompassed:

  • • Extensive training for installers to achieve Approved Installer accreditation
  • • A Quality Plan for the pre, during and after installation process
  • • Implementation of continuous assessment of the Approved Installers and quality of their workmanship
  • • Regular auditing processes
  • • Customer care – clear advice and transparency on the whole process




Have a question regarding Supafil® Frame? Take a look at our frequently asked questions page to find the answers from start to finish.



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